Bitumen Description

Fragment Bitumen/Asphalt Products such as Bitumen/ Asphalt binders and polymer modified Bitumen (PMB), cutbacks and emulsions.
Penetration grading
The penetration grading system was developed in the early 1900s to characterize the consistency of semi-solid asphalts
Pen Bit
15”pen” bitumen is the hardest and 450pen bitumen the softest.
Pen Grade 85 - 100
The common penetration grades are listed in the table, these grades are used in paving regularly.


LPG Business

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a clean burning fuel with high combustion efficiency. It is a safe and reliable energy supply, perfect for home or commercial use.
LPG Tie-up
 Versatile Projects and Commercial Group, in association with Sricom Global , UAE serves diverse business sectors worldwide. Drawing on global expertise, we deliver local solutions.
LPG Logistics
We pride ourselves on delivering professional operations using experienced technical, distribution and logistics expertise with high safety standards.